Fractured 3D Object Restoration and Completion

Anthousis Andreadis     Robert Gregor     Ivan Sipiran     Pavlos Mavridis     Georgios Papaioannou     Tobias Schreck
Department of Informatics, Athens University of Economics & Business

ACM SIGGRAPH 2015 Poster Session
Figure 1. We introduce a pipeline for restoration of 3D shapes based on reassembly of fragments and completion of missing parts. First results show the effectiveness of the approach for restoration of real-world fragment data from the Cultural Heritage domain.


The problem of object restoration from eroded fragments where large parts could be missing is of high relevance in archaeology. Manual restoration is possible and common in practice but it is a tedious and error-prone process, which does not scale well. Solutions for specific parts of the problem have been proposed but a complete reassembly and repair pipeline is absent from the bibliography. We propose a shape restoration pipeline consisting of appropriate methods for automatic fragment reassembly and shape completion. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach using real-world fractured objects.


Fractured 3D Object Restoration and Completion won the 2nd prize at the ACM Student Research Competition of SIGGRAPH 2015. SIGGRAPH 2015 hosts the ACM Student Research Competition, which recognizes research work by individual graduate students or teams of undergraduates. Posters selected to compete in the SRC are judged in two stages. In the first stage, a panel of distinguished judges views the SRC posters during the poster sessions and selects six semi-finalists. These semi-finalists present their work to SIGGRAPH 2015 attendees during the ACM SRC Final Presentation. At the end of the presentations, the judges announce the first-, second-, and third-place winners in the undergraduate and graduate categories. First-place undergraduate and graduate winners go on to the nationwide ACM Student Research Competition.



This work was supported by EC FP7 STREP Project PRESIOUS, grant no. 600533.


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